Moor End Technology College on Abdul Majeed talking about his late father
Moor End Technology College on Students interviewing Akbar Karim

Student interviews

Students at Moor End Technology College produced some Oral History recordings with adults from the South-Asian community as part of the Asian Voices workshop.

Feedback from the children was very positive:

"I never knew much about my granddad, but I think I'd like to find out now because of other people's experiences." Ammad

"I really enjoyed interviewing people and I found it a novel experience... I found it slightly uncomfortable at first, because I was nervous, but overall I thought it was a fantastic job!" Hassan

"I have learned many things about people's past in England and also something about my own past...I have come to realise just how hard it was for them." Rakeesh

"I learned how to interview someone, what kinds of questions to ask open or closed and to always let the interview flow by asking follow on questions." Arooj

"I liked that today was exciting and an interesting way of learning about history and other interesting facts about the past of Britain." Sanaa

"We liked learning about other people's background and their views about England and their home country." Ahsin and Usmaan

"I've learnt about other people's views of their cultures and I've learnt more about my background and about people moving from Pakistan to England." Luqmaan